Father of missing teen boater heartbroken, wants answers

Blu Stephanos says son Austin Stephanos, Perry Cohen touched lives of many

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Blu Stephanos is broken up about his missing son Austin Stephanos.

"He was my reason for everything," Stephanos said. "He was the one that opened my eyes to being a parent and caring about something more than you care about yourself."

Austin and Perry Cohen disappeared last July during a fishing trip off the coast of Jupiter.

Their families have been dealing with the loss of the children, not knowing what happened to the two 14-year-olds on the water.

Authorities spent countless hours searching for the boys, but they were never found.

Their boat and Austin's iPhone were recently recovered, something Stephanos believes was a sign from his son.

That iPhone quickly became the center of a controversy.

Pamela Cohen filed a lawsuit to obtain information on the phone, but the damage to the iPhone was so bad that Apple was not able to restore it.

"Even if it were successful in turning the iPhone on and getting power to the component, the possibility of breaking the passcode is virtually impossible," attorney Michael Pike said.

Michael Steinger, who also represents Stephanos, believes the answers are still out there.

"Six Maritime was hired by the Cohens," Steinger said. "We know that they did find some relative information. Unfortunately, they did not share that."

While his attorneys work to get closer to closure, Stephanos said his main focus is on the memory of the boys.

"These two boys touched the lives of so many, you know, and so many people in return touched the lives of these families," Stephanos said. 

His attorneys will try to retrieve the iPhone data again, using another company, if all parties agree.