Woman trampled at South Beach theater during 'Dark Knight Rises' awarded $1.7 million

Unclear whether Regal Cinemas will appeal decision

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A woman who was trampled after a scary incident inside a movie theater on South Beach four years ago was awarded $1.7 million Friday by a jury.

Maria Navas broke down into tears as she recounted the terrifying tale when she was trampled by a stampede of theater goers who were in fear for their lives.

"I think about it every day," she said.

The incident happened just days after the Aurora Colorado massacre, and the same Batman film, "Dark Knight Rises" was showing.

"Toward the end of the movie he got and walked up and down, up and down, getting increasingly more irritated, increasingly more erratic," Navas' attorney Jason Brenner said. "At that point he exited the theater, put gloves on, came in and screamed a statement I can't say on TV, but it caused every single person to run out."

"It was a fight or flight moment. That's what it became -- fight or flight," Navas said.

Navas suffered a bad fracture of her right foot that required two surgeries and over a dozen plates and screws were used set the broken foot.

"I was stuck at home. I had a huge amount of pain in my foot always. Getting up in the morning was horrendous," Navas said.

She said the incident has affected her mental state as well, causing her to be hyper aware in crowds and she doesn't go to the movies anymore.

"Everybody rushed the stairs and everybody was running for their lives. No one was being courteous, understandably so, trying to get out as quick as possible," Navas said.

Regal Cinemas could not be reached for comment, so it is not clear if the company will appeal the decision.