Synthetic drugs epidemic: Higher profit margins

Fentanyl is cheaper than heroin, DEA agent says


MIAMI-DADE, Fla. – Authorities said the synthetic drug is easily accessible, because it has a high profit margin. 

The Mexican cartel is buying cheap fentanyl from the Chinese and they are mailing it to dealers in the United States for the same price as heroin, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. 

Mexican-produced heroin can cost about $150 a gram, while a gram of fentanyl is about $100. 

Most of the addicts of fentanyl are the survivors of the Florida "pill mills" clinics, where prescription painkillers were distributed to addicts wiling to pay, police said.

Hall said targeting the supply of pain killers isn't enough. He believes that to save lives, there needs to be availability for treatment. 

"There are long waiting lists," Hall said. "And people can't wait."

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