Gator trapped outside home in Country Walk

Woman awakened by security about 5 a.m.

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – An alligator was trapped by authorities Monday morning outside a home in southwest Miami-Dade's Country Walk neighborhood.

The gator was first spotted about 4 a.m. walking around the neighborhood on Southwest 149th Terrace off Country Walk Drive.

Laura Saoud said she was awakened by her neighborhood's security guard about 5 a.m. to notify her that the reptile was lurking outside her front yard.

"Our security people came and knocked on our door. It took us awhile to answer because they woke us up, but he came and told us that the police were coming and that this was standard procedure -- that they were going to come and keep an eye on it until -- I don't know if animal control comes or who comes," Saoud said.

Despite the size of the gator, Saoud said she was excited to see an alligator up close because she isn't a Florida native.

"It is pretty crazy. It's exciting," she said. "We're not from here, so this is a little different for us. We're from Baltimore. But on the other hand, I've got to go to work so I don't know. I'm kind of hoping my son will want to come out and see it. He's 13, so this will be exciting for him."

Saoud didn't feel threatened by the gator, but said she was making sure that her cat stayed inside the house.

"He's not doing anything, so I'm just making sure my cat stays inside," she said.

The exact size of the gator was not immediately released by authorities, but the gator was killed.

Experts say it is mating season for alligators, so more of these reptiles are likely to be spotted throughout South Florida. 

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