Miami-Dade County commission passes Zika ordinance

County to cite property owners for standing water violations


MIAMI – Miami-Dade County commissioners passed a Zika ordinance Tuesday giving the county authority to cite property owners for standing water violations two days after they receive a warning.

Previously, the county cited property owners five days after they received a warning.

City leaders held a news conference Monday about the issue, saying mosquito breeding sites can be in the most simple and smallest of places at the average home.

"It is required that our residents play a role and do their job," Chalmers Vasquez of Miami-Dade County Mosquito Control said.

The Aedes aegypti is a disease-plagued insect that also passes on the chikungunya virus and dengue fever.

Florida is now home to 112 cases of the Zika virus, including 45 in Miami-Dade County, the most in the state. So far, all patients have contracted the disease while they were out of the country.

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