Concerns raised at South Florida airports in wake of EgyptAir crash

Miami International Airport officials say security has been increased

MIAMI – The latest presumed terrorist attack aboard an EgyptAir flight has further raised concerns for passengers all over the world.

It was business as usual Thursday at Miami International Airport, but the crash of Flight 804 was on the minds of all passengers.

"I don't change anything I am going to do," one passenger, P.J. Gables, said. "I mean, I think about it. It makes me glad I am flying from Miami to Chicago and not anywhere in the Middle East. If I had a flight booked going over there, I would seriously consider not going."

Coincidentally, Thursday is the 75th anniversary of air traffic control at MIA. Plenty of dignitaries were on hand for the celebration, but in the control tower, the demeanor was calm cool and calculated.

Airport officials said security has been heightened in wake of the latest act of terrorism.

"Since Brussels, we have been at a heightened state of alert," MIA spokesman Greg Chin said. "We have had increased police presence in the airport, around the perimeter, more vehicle checks coming into the airport, so we are doing everything we can across the board with our federal partners to keep the airport secure."

They also rely of the public's help to speak up if they see something.

"My husband is ex-military, so I am kind of aware of things around me usually anyway, but yes, I am more vigilant now that things started happening more," passenger Pamela Stephens said.