Need for foster parents grows in Broward County

Heart Gallery promotes foster child adoption


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Breanna and Dinari are two of the many children who are in need of a foster home in Broward County. 

To help them and others in their situation, the Heart Gallery hosted the "Heart to Heart" breakfast, a child advocacy summit on Friday at First Baptist Church in Fort Lauderdale.

The focus of the event was on raising awareness about the need for more foster parents in Broward County. With a shortage tantamount to about 100 foster homes, officials are having to relocated the childre far from the social workers in their case. 

"Those kids are now being sent to other counties that do have room, such as the west coast of Florida or Central Florida," Michael Boorom, board president of the Heart Gallery, said.

At the breakfast, board members  shared videos of foster children talking about their experiences in group homes. One of the testimonials featured Jennifer Little, a new foster mother who found a little girl on ChildNet. 

"From the moment we got her, it's been amazing," Little said, "I've been so impressed by the system. I mean, it's a very complicated system with a lot of pieces and motions. There's a lot of players."

Little said all of the sacrifices have paid off and she strongly recommends others to become a foster parent. 

"The whole experience has just been amazing," she said. 

For more information about getting involved with the Heart Gallery, visit their website

Local 10 News reporter Erika Rakow contributed to this story.