Flight attendant tells passenger to 'shut up' during flight to Miami

Passenger claims argument started over pasta fight

(Twitter / @RaRaNath)
(Twitter / @RaRaNath)

MIAMI – A passenger on a Miami-bound flight shared video of a flight attendant telling him to shut up.

Ra Nath, who goes by @RaRaNath on Twitter, posted the video to the social media platform on June 5 following the dust up that occurred after what he claims was an argument over pasta.

Nath told ABC News that he had asked the unnamed flight attendant why his business class row was served last during the flight from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Nath apparently wanted the pasta dish that was no longer available after it had been given to other passengers.

When the flight attendant didn't answer Nath's queries, he began to record the conversation.

After Nath asked for the attendant's name, the attendant responded "Shut up and don't talk to me again, OK?" on the video.

The argument escalated when the attendant threatened to involve the police.

"If you talk to me again, I tell the cops and you get arrested in Miami," the attendant says.

However, when the flight eventually landed in Miami, Nath was not arrested or detained.

ABC News says American Airlines is reviewing the matter.