Colombian woman among injured in Orlando massacre

Omar Mateen shot at woman, boyfriend before nightclub massacre


ORLANDO, Fla. – A Colombian woman was among the 53 injured in the Orlando massacre Sunday. 

When the man now identified as Omar Mateen was on his way to Pulse nightclub, he ran into Paula Andrea Blanco and her boyfriend, Cory Connell. 

The couple were leaving a nearby nightclub and were on their way to their car to go home, a relative said. He shot at both of them. 


Rescue officials took Blanco to the Orlando Regional Medical Center. A police officer rushed Connell to the same hospital, police told his family. 

Blanco was in stable condition. She told Connell's family what she remembered.

Monday they learned that Connell was added to the list of names of those who had been killed.

Connell's relatives said Blanco's mom was out of the country and her sister was on her way to Orlando from West Palm Beach.

Blanco is a member of the Orlando Anarchy women's football team, which has gathered around her in support.

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