Large alligator clogs Fort Myers sewer system

Carcass of dead 11-foot gator pulled from storm drain

(Roger Desjarlais / Facebook)
(Roger Desjarlais / Facebook)

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Residents of a Florida neighborhood called officials after smelling something awful coming from a sewer in their community.

What they found was more than they expected.

A lot more.

Workers from the Lee County Public Works Department found a dead 11-foot alligator clogging up the system in the Fort Myers neighborhood.

The News-Press reports that the workers immediately confirmed the horrible odor and quickly realized the gator was stuck in the catch basin.

The dead alligator was removed with an excavator and disposed of.

"This was an abnormally large gator," said Randy Cerchie, director of the county's DOT, told the News-Press. "It's just part of what we do."

The drainage system in this Fort Myers neighborhood was backed up so someone called our Public Works Department to investigate. Here's what our guys found. Eleven feet long.

Posted by Roger Desjarlais on Monday, June 13, 2016