Gunman bites driver during carjacking in Pembroke Park

Police search for armed man who attacked minivan driver

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – Raymond Martinez said he was lucky to have survived a struggle during an attempted carjacking in Pembroke Park. 

Martinez said a gunman opened the back door and got into his minivan.

"He put the gun to my back," Martinez said. 

The gunman forced him to drive to the parking lot of a nearby apartment building and asked him for money. Martinez didn't have any cash. Fearing for his life, he grabbed the gun. 

During the struggle, the gunman punched him. 

"He had his finger behind the trigger so I wasn't able to get the rounds off," Martinez said. "That's when he uses his free arm to get over me and bit my hand."

Martinez said the pain was "very excruciating" and there was a bloody imprint of the gunman's teeth. He jumped out of the car.

"I'm grateful I'm alive," Martinez said.

Police were able to recover the car, but were still looking for the gunman.