1 injured in North Miami police-involved shooting

Unclear whether man was armed

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. – One person was injured Monday afternoon in a police-involved shooting in North Miami, authorities said.

"There was a man in the street with a gun is what we got," Officer Natalie Buissereth of North Miami police said. 

The man who was shot by police works at a group home in the area and was walking with a man who has autism in the area of Northeast 14th Avenue, between 126th and 128th streets, when the shooting took place. 

The 24-year-old man with autism was holding a toy truck when police arrived. 

"He's autistic and non-verbal, he's relatively low function," Clint Bower, who runs the group home, said. "The police wouldn't tell me what was going on. All they would say was my employee had been shot three times in the leg."

It's unclear if the man's autism led to a miscommunication when police showed up at the scene. 

Neighbors said the pair sometimes walk together to a nearby convenience store.

When asked if there was a weapon discovered at the crime scene Buissereth said police are "collecting all the evidence." 


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