Terrifying video shows gunmen robbing supermarket

Security cameras capture three armed men attempting to rob store

HOUSTON – Security cameras captured a terrifying robbery attempt in which three armed men stormed a supermarket full of customers and employees.

The first surveillance video shows two of the men rushing in after firing a shot into the roof of the Houston Todo Supermarket.

One gunman jumps on the cashier's counter, while two of the clerks ran inside the store's security room, keeping the crooks at bay.

KHOU reports that the store's safe was located in the security room.

The video shows the men unsuccesfully attempting to breaking open the door by kicking and shooting at the lock.

Another camera angle shows another gunmen approaching a customer who offers up his own wallet while lying on the floor.

With the security room locked, KHOU says the robbers only got away with a cell phone and the wallet before escaping to a getaway car.