Cuba travel: Insurance coverage requirement

Cuban immigration officials require proof of Cuban medical insurance

(Associated Press)

MIAMI – About six years ago, Cuban immigration officials started to require proof of Cuban traveler medical insurance to all travelers -- including Cubans living abroad. 

American Airlines was referring customers traveling to the island to Los Angeles-based Cuba Travel Services at 305-204-9314. They have a contract to make it easier for AA customers to buy Cuba's Asistur insurance. 

Cuba Travel provides the medical insurance and processes the visa for $85 per passenger, but the price for American Airlines' customers hadn't been determined as of Aug. 17, a company representative said in an e-mail. 

Havana-based insurer Asistur has offices at airports in Cuba and sells the insurance for about a $3 a day premium. Agencies associated with Cuban travel agency Havantur-Celimar Company also sell the insurance, according to the Cuban embassy.  

Most traveler medical insurance policies only cover medical emergencies. 

According to the U.S. Embassy in Cuba, Cuban authorities refer tourists in the Havana area to the Cira Garcia Hospital -- where they only accept cash. 


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