Cuba travel: Tourist card

Aside from passport, Cuban immigration authorities require 'tourist card'


MIAMI – Cuban immigration authorities require a tourist visa, also known as the tourist card.  

American Airlines partnered with third-party operator Cuba Travel Services to assist customers with the process and Jet Blue was planning on selling them over the counter. 

The tourist card is valid for one entrance into the country for a 30 day trip and can be renewed with Cuban authorities on the island for an extended stay.  

Upon arrival to a Cuban airport's customs area, a Cuban immigration official will stamp, detach and keep one half of the tourist card. Travelers have to return the other half to Cuban customs when they exit Cuba. 

Usually the travel agency, tour operator or airlines provide the processing service. Cuban authorities in Washingon, D.C., warned on their site that they are only accepting personal applications for humanitarian cases.

Cuban consular services asked applicants to process the tourist card with a partner agency for charter flights or mail the application

Applicants need a copy of a valid passport, a copy of a plane ticket with entry and return dates, a postal money order to the Cuban Embassy for the $50 fee and a stamped self-addressed envelope. Their address is 2630 16th Street, NW, Washington, D.C., 20009.

Suggested steps:


1. Book your round-trip plane ticket

2. Apply for the tourist card at least 30 days in advance and use a third-party operator like Cuba Travel Services



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