Local rapper mourns brother's death

Witness: Killer shouted 'Run, run! If I catch you, you are dead'


MIAMI-DADE, Fla. – Patrick Blake, also known as rapper KG Psycho, said he was in pain. The 21-year-old said he still couldn't believe his little brother was gone.

They had a two year age difference and they were close. They both liked to freestyle like gangster poets. Sometimes people couldn't tell them apart. 

Devonair "Lil' Deb" Blake died in Brownsville Thursday. He was 19. His killer, Kellen Gaulden, told police Blake tried to rob him. But his brother said he doesn't believe it. 

"He didn't need any money," Patrick Blake said. "He had money."

Gaulden, 28, told police he took Devonair Blake's gun during a struggle, after he took his gold chain.

A woman told police she heard a man screaming:  "Run, run! If I catch you, you are dead."

The former Booker T. Washington High School linebacker shot Blake 13 times in the back. Detectives found his body near Northwest 65th Street and 22nd Avenue. 

Blake left behind a son named Juna. He celebrated the boy's first birthday in June. And on Halloween, they celebrated as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle family. 

Family was important to him. He often professed his love for his mom and when his son was born, he was in the hospital in scrubs.

"Gave the streets up, gave the beef up," he said in a Facebook post with a picture of his son. "I just wanna be the best father ta my son."

It wasn't easy. In October, he posted a photo with a caption implying he was getting death threats. He said some were saying they were going to "erase" him. 

Police arrested him Jan. 26 for burglary, criminal mischief and property damage. He was arrested Jan. 30 for obstruction of justice, escape and was accused of resisting arrest without violence. He was arrested March 28 for possession of marijuana. 

His most recent arrest was in May when he was accused of armed robbery. And Judge Dennis J. Murphy ordered him to stay away from Izaal Simmons, court records show. 

In August, he had been working at DD's Discounts, 7900 NW 27th Ave. Life wasn't easy for him. 

"I grew up seeing my mama struggling so I started hustling," he said on social media Nov. 4, 2015. About a week later, he said, "The devil is trying to bring me down."

Miami-Dade police arrested Gaulden, who claimed he shot in self-defense. He lived about five blocks away from the shooting. On Friday, prosecutors charged him with second-degree murder. 

Friends and family tried to comfort Patrick Blake on social media. Raquel Valle was among the dozens who said they were praying for him. Griselda Blanco was among the many offering their condolences.

"Never question God. He gives his tuff battles to his strongest soldiers," Krystal Brown said on a post she left on Patrick Blake's Facebook wall. "He is now your guardian angel. Now you have a little boy to look after."


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