Real estate agent accused of hooking up with man inside sold home

Police said she lied about being new homeowner


FRIENDSWOOD, Texas – Police say it was a late-night Realtor rendezvous that landed real estate agent Kayla Marisa Seloff and Joshua Gene Leal behind bars on Saturday.

After neighbors spotted suspicious activity at a vacant home outside Houston, they called police who showed up to find the pair lying on the floor inside.

Investigators say Seloff initially claimed the two were married and had just bought the home a day prior.

Then, police asked for ID and the two led them to their car where officers smelled pot and found a glass pipe and marijuana.

"It's shocking in this neighborhood because it's a pretty good family-oriented neighborhood for 16 years. So it is alarming," neighborhood resident Michelle Nay said.

Officers said shortly after talking with police, Seloff admitted she was actually the Realtor, and not the new homeowner who had just closed on the house a day before.

"I'd probably be a little po'ed. That's my property. I just bought it and you're going to use it for whatever you want to. Way else have you done there?" Michael Kettner, who is shopping for a new home, said.

Something the new homeowner probably wouldn't want to know.

In fact, they pressed criminal charges against the two for trespassing.

"Everybody tells Realtors you've got to be careful who you show the home to. You don't want to show it by yourself. But who's thinking about the Realtor," Kettner said.

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