Rodent, roach droppings found at 3 South Florida restaurants

2 of those locations are in same shopping plaza

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – What do a bakery, Chinese restaurant and a popular chicken-spot have in common?

They were all ordered shut by state inspectors last week for violations.

There were 23 violations found inside the kitchen at Lotus House -- including ones for roaches in the sugar, roaches on the walls and roaches on the floor.

A stop sale was ordered on the roach infested sugar and the Kendall restaurant, located at 9061 SW 107th Ave.

Another violation at the spot was am employee working with food and clean equipment without first washing his or her hands.

When Local 10 News reporter Jeff Weinsier confronted a restaurant employee about the violations, the focus turned onto another restaurant.

"No, no, maybe you go to Chicken Kitchen," someone at the restaurant said.

"I'm gonna go to the chicken next, but you also have a problem," Weinsier said.

"No problem right now," the restaurant employee said. "Not last week. No not now."

The employee declined to allow Local 10 News inside their kitchen.

In the same shopping center, a few doors down, a Chicken Kitchen was ordered shut last week.

Among the violations were roaches under the front cabinets and on the floor.

"No, we don't have any roaches," an employee said when confronted by Weinsier. "No, we don't have any roaches."

The Sunset Bakery, located at 6941 Sunset Strip, was ordered shut in 2014 and again last week.

Rodent droppings were found in a storage area and right next to the oven.

Roaches were also found under a bread slicer, food was stored on the floor and torn packaged exposing contents to live roaches.

"Did you have a rodent issue?" Weinsier said.

"I'm not available to talk about that," the employee said. "I don't have to say anything."

By phone, an owner blamed the problem on an old building and all those placed mentioned were allowed to re-open following an ordered clean-ups and re-inspections.