Joe Garcia wins against Annette Taddeo by narrow margin

Garcia will go against Republican Carlos Curbelo in general election

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – The congressional race between former Democratic U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia and challenger Annette Taddeo, who was former Gov. Charlie Crist's running mate in 2014 was close Tuesday night.

Ultimately, Garcia won the race for the 26th congressional district of Florida by a narrow margin and will go head-to-head against  Republican Carlos Curbelo during the  Nov. 8 general election.

Garcia's supporters gathered outside of La Carreta in southwest Miami-Dade after the polls closed, watching and waiting as the numbers rolled in.

In an email, Garcia's campaign credited his win to a "robust grassroots campaign" and a focus on a “long history of service to the residents of this community.”

"Tonight, I am very grateful to the people of South Florida," Garcia said via email. "We set out to earn the votes of this community by talking about the issues that matter to everyday families and I’m honored to have earned their support."

At his victory party Garcia said the campaign was "tough." 

"They were running against us a full year before we got into this race," Garcia said. "The people in this community know me. I started out in Westchester mowing lawns with my grandfather. I ended up standing in the most important deliberative body on the face of the earth and making sure the voice of the people of South Florida were heard. And today people thanked me for that."