Protesters banging on pots chase Venezuelan president

Social media videos show Nicolas Maduro running for his life


MIAMI – A large crowd of protesters yelling that they were hungry, while banging on pots with spoons, rushed Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro during a political event, Venezuelan media reported on Saturday. 

The protesters at Venezuela's Margarita island sent Maduro running for his life. They were protesting food shortages and using a tactic known as "cacerolazo," Spanish for pots.

Several videos shot in Villa Rosa were going viral, as Venezuelans in Miami shared then on social media. In one of the videos, a woman in a panicked tone is heard saying, "They are going to kill him."

During his visit, he said the Venezuelan government was prepared to deal with a violent coup. A Venezuelan human rights organization claimed there were at least 20 arrests, but authorities did not confirm the report. 

The small protest followed the massive "The Taking of Caracas" march, a larger demonstration on Thursday showing the support for a referendum to recall Maduro from office and elect a new president. 

Maduro is Hugo Chavez's predecessor. 

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