Fla. woman seeking revenge sets wrong car on fire

Carmen Chamblee caught on video torching vehicle


CLEARWATER, Fla. – A Florida woman set her ex-boyfriend's car on fire in order to seek revenge for an undisclosed wrong.

Unfortunately, she torched the wrong car.

Clearwater police were able to identify and arrest Carmen Chamblee, 19, after she was caught on video setting the car on fire on Aug. 27.

The police posted video on Facebook of Chamblee setting the fire inside the trunk of a Honda Accord and waited for tips to roll in.

Enough information was gathered to eventually make an arrest on Saturday.

WFTS reports that during the arrest, Chamblee told police that she thought the car belonged to her ex-boyfriend.

However, the car was owned by Thomas Jennings who was alerted to the blaze by his roommate.

"He came running in the house saying my car was on fire. We ran out there. He had a pot of water trying to get it to go out. It was too much," Jennings told WFTS

Chamblee was charged with second-degree arson.