15 years after Sept. 11: Chronology of day of terror

(Michael Foran/Wikimedia Commons)

MIAMI – 7:59 a.m. AA Flight 11 departs from Boston with 92 passengers on their 

way to Los Angeles. 


8:14 a.m. UA Flight 175 departs from Boston with 65 passengers on their 

way to Los Angeles. 


8:19 a.m.: AA notifies the FBI that hijackers were in control of Flight 11.


8:20 a.m.: AA Flight 77 departs from Washington, D.C., with 64 passengers 

on their way to Los Angeles. 


8:24 a.m.: Mohammad Atta sends a message to ground control.


8:40 a.m.: FAA notifies NORAD's NEADS of Flight 11 prompting an order 

for two fighter planes. 


8:41 a.m.: UA Flight 93 departs from Newark with 44 passengers on their way 

to San Francisco. 


8:46 a.m.: Mohammed Atta crashes AA Flight 11 into the World Trade Center's 

North Tower's floors 93 to 99.


8:47 a.m.: NYPD and FDNY dispatch units to the World Trade Center. 

North Tower evacuation begins.   


8:50 a.m.: George W. Bush learns of the World Trade Center attack. 


9:02 a.m.: Port Authority PD orders the WTC's South Tower evacuation. 


9:03 a.m.: UA Flight 175 crashes into WTC's South Tower's floors 75 to 85. 


9:08 a.m.: The FAA bans all flights in New York City airspace. 


9:21 a.m.: Port Authority closes all NYC bridges and tunnels. 


9:24 a.m.: After passengers alert relatives, FAA notifies NEADS of Flight 77.  


9:31 a.m.: Bush refers to the incidents as an "apparent terrorist attack 

on our country." 


9:37 a.m: Flight 77 crashes into the western side of the Pentago

in Washington, D.C. 


9:42: a.m.: FAA grounds all flights over the U.S. 


9:45 a.m.: White House and the U.S.Capitol are evacuated. 


9:59 a.m.: The WTC’s South Tower collapses. 


10:07 a.m.:  After Flight 93 passengers learn of WTC attacks, they try to retake control 

of the plane. 


10:28 a.m.: The WTC’s North Tower collapses. 


11 a.m.:  Authorities order evacuation of Lower Manhattan, south of Canal Street.


1 p.m.: Bush puts U.S. military on worldwide alert. 


2:51 p.m: The U.S. Navy  dispatches missle destroyers. 


5:20 p.m.: WTC collapses and search and rescue mission is temporarily suspended. 


6:58 p.m.: Bush  refers to the attacks as “evil, despicable acts of terror” and declared 

the U.S. and its allies were going to “stand together to win the war against terrorism.”






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