Courthouse escape involves BSO employee's cellphone

Dayonte Resiles uses BSO employee's cell to coordinate escape, detective says

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – The brazen escape of murder suspect Dayonte Resiles from the Broward County courthouse shook up a courtroom when he left his jail jumpsuit and handcuffs laying in a hallway floor and bolted out a little-used door.

An arrest report indicated Resiles had a handcuff key in his hand during the escape, and now newly obtained search warrant in the case indicates Resiles used his Facebook account while in jail to help coordinate the escape with co-conspirators.

He may have gotten some help from inside the jail to access that Facebook account, Detective Timothy Metz wrote in the warrant application.

During multiple jail calls, Resiles informs people he is speaking with that he occasionally accesses Facebook by using a Broward Sheriff's Office employees's cellphone to do so.

This always reeked of an inside job. For Resiles' former attorney, Jessica Mishali, the information came as no surprise.

Mishali complained before the escape that her client, Ysrael Granda, who was convicted of attempted murder charges, obtained numerous cellphones from BSO correctional officers during his incarceration and that handcuff keys could be bought as as well. 

Granda was cooperating with BSO in a contraband investigation earlier this year, but that was terminated after a jail guard alleged she caught Mishali having sex with Granda in the jail during a visit. 

Mishali denies that happened and called for BSO to thoroughly investigate what she describes as an active contraband ring in the jail.

Local 10 News spoke with Resiles' attorney, Dohn Williams, on Friday, and he said he didn't know if his client used a BSO cellphone in the escape.

Resiles remains at the main Broward County jail, where he is being held without bond.