College advisor accused of taking photo of man inside FIU bathroom stall

Suspect tells police not to look at cellphone because he has naked pictures


MIAMI – A college advisor was arrested last month at Florida International University after he took photos of another man inside a bathroom stall, authorities said.

The incident was reported Sept. 30 inside the Graham Center, at FIU's Modesto A. Maidique campus.

Police said the victim followed Terrance Wilson, 27, out of the bathroom after he saw that he was taking photos of him from the adjacent bathroom stall.

The victim called police, who tracked Wilson down inside one the university's parking garages.

Police said officers stopped Wilson, who began going through his cellphone.

Officers tried to grab the cellphone away from Wilson so he could not destroy any potential evidence, but he pulled away from the officers and said, "No! I have nude pictures of myself in there," an arrest report said.

Police said they repeatedly asked Wilson to hand over the phone, but he refused and tried to walk away.

One of the officers grabbed Wilson by the forearm, at which time Wilson pulled away and again tried to access his phone, the report said.

Multiple officers then stepped in and restrained Wilson.

Wilson was arrested on a charge of resisting an officer without violence. It's unclear whether he will face charges for the accusation that he took photos of the man inside the bathroom stall.

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