Facebook post warns about suspicious man approaching children at South Miami park

Police say they haven't received reports about incident at Dante Fascell Park

SOUTH MIAMI, Fla. – What started out as an alert posted on Facebook has turned into pure concern for parents who frequent Dante Fascell Park in South Miami.

"The person that I saw who commented on it, I trust her judgment on it, and it seemed like it was somebody that she knew," one parent told Local 10 News.

The message starts with the words, "Moms & dads beware," and goes on to describe an incident at the park where a man approached a young child.

The post claims that the child's mother ran over to intervene and the man jumped a fence and left in a waiting vehicle.

"Just how scary it is that you can't even come to the park with your kids and have a conversation, and have them maybe two feet away from you and somebody's going to come and snatch them right away from you," Malena Giro said.

South Miami police Chief Rene Landa is aware of the social media chatter, but said so far no one has reported the incident to his department.

"It could be something that occurred months ago or a year ago at another park," Landa said. "I just want to make sure that if it is this park that we're investigating it and we got the newest news that came out, and we'll obviously do a full investigation."

"Nowadays, you just can’t be too careful," one parent at the park said.

Landa said his department has reached out to the man who posted the message on Facebook but have not yet heard back from him.

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