Impatient driver crashes into school bus

Accident caught on dash-cam as driver overtakes on turn


Did an impatient driver putting lives at risk get what he deserved?

Dashcam video from a driver in New York shows a recent incident where the driver of a BMW attempted to make an illegal move and paid the price.

The video posted on YouTube opens with the BMW driver honking at the car in front of him.

While the driver with the dashcam obeys the rules of the road and yields to the school bus, the BMW driver can be seen getting antsy in the rear-view camera.

The BMW driver finally makes his move, attempting to overtake on a turn.

But it ends badly as the driver doesn't notice the lane ends due to construction and he ends up smashing into the school bus and straddling the concrete barrier.

Luckily, no one was hurt... except for the ego of the BMW driver who walks away in disbelief.