In a raspy voice, Hillary Clinton encourages supporters in South Fla.

Donald Trump, Clinton target Florida voters before early voting ends Sunday

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – Both Republican and Democratic presidential candidates spent their Saturday morning in Florida -- the country's largest swing state -- before early voting ends on Sunday.

While Donald Trump held a morning rally in Tampa, Hillary Clinton spent the day in South Florida. She met with Cubans, Colombians and Haitians in Miami-Dade County. And in a raspy voice, she defied the rain and spoke at a rally in Broward County

Clinton's busy day began at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in Miami's Brickell. She made jer first Miami-Dade stop at the West Miami Community Center polling site, where she and Jencarlos Canela, a Cuban-American telenovela star, surprised voters. 

Clinton also stopped at a nearby strip mall, where Miami-Dade County Democratic Party Chairwoman Annette Taddeo, a Colombian business owner, welcomed her. In front of the Sabor Tropical Supermarket, Clinton greeted a group of Colombians, who had music and red-clad dancers.   

Clinton's third stop was at her campaign's Little Haiti field office, where she met with Trayvon Martin's mom Sybrina Fulton, who she calls a friend. Dr. Laurinus Pierre, head of the Democratic Haitian American Caucus of Florida and Rep. Stacey Plaskett were also there. 

After Miami-Dade Commission Chairman Jean Monestime's introduction, Clinton said he "is really setting a great example for more Haitian Americans getting involved in politics."

Fulton traveled with Clinton to Pembroke Pines, where supporters were going through security and lining up in front of a "Vote Early" stage.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz  and Rep. Patrick Murphy, who is running against Sen. Marco Rubio, were among the speakers who encouraged the crowd of supporters to continue campaigning before Fulton and Clinton arrived. 

Fulton was quick to introduce her as the "next president of the United States." In a raspy voice, Clinton watched as her supporters got soaked in the rain. And she was fast to deliver her marching orders: "Let's get out! Let's vote for the future!"

Clinton also asked those who missed the Friday night performance by Beyoncé and Jay-Z to watch it online. She said her favorite song during her campaign's get-out-the-vote concert was "Who Run the World? Girls!" 

"My personal favorite part — Beyoncé had her backup singers in pantsuits" Clinton said with a laugh.

In St. Petersburg, Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine made an appearance with Jon Bon Jovi -- a day after Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence was in Little Havana and West Miami. 

According to FloridaTurnout.com, some 2.26 million Republicans and about 1.2 million Democrats had voted as of Saturday.

Florida has 29 electorate votes and the candidates need 270 to win the presidency. 

Clinton's campaign has spent more than $267 million in television advertising through Election Day. Trump, who claims a net worth of roughly $10 billion, has invested $93 million, according to data collected by Kantar Media.

Rather than hunkering down in must-win Florida this weekend, Trump flew Saturday to Democratic-leaning territory: Wilmington, North Carolina, then Reno, Nevada, and Denver. And as defiant as ever, he promised to make subsequent appearances in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Minnesota.

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