Could Trump reverse course on Obama policies toward Cuba?

Cuban experts believe Trump may eliminate certain concessions

MIAMI – It's not a secret that the Cuban government would have preferred Hillary Clinton in the White House.

President-elect Donald Trump has publicly vowed to reverse President Barack Obama's six executive actions relating to U.S. relations with Cuba.

Trump said he agreed with Obama on Cuba, but wanted a better deal for the U.S.

"I don't see much movement at all in the beginning, in the first year, let's say, from the Trump administration unless the Cubans are willing to give in on a number of issues," retired University of Miami professor and Cuban expert Andy Gomez said.

A surge in Cuban immigration is something that concerns Gomez.

Already, there is fear on the island that the Cuban Adjustment Act will be rescinded under a Republican administration. Gomez said the Cuban government will have to forget some concessions.

"There is no question 'Gitmo' (Guantanamo Bay Detention Center) is out of the question," Gomez said. "Lifting the embargo (is) out of the question."

Trump will likely tinker with some of the executive orders that Obama put in place.

"Things like the embassy will probably remain," Florida International University professor Sebastian Arcos said.

Arcos thinks commercial flights will likely continue, but with a stroke of a pen, he believes Trump will likely modify some of Obama's policies.

"Allowing the Cuban government to use U.S. dollars in international transactions, that could be one," Arcos said.

Allowing banks to make transactions in Cuba and allowing U.S. companies to co-manage Cuban hotels are just some examples of a list of things Trump can change in order to keep the promises he made to the Cuban exile community in South Florida.

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