South Floridian moving over 'American Hitler' Trump

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – One South Floridian is backing up his promise to leave the country if Donald Trump was elected president.

Boris Werner Mettin of Fort Lauderdale held a moving sale outside his home Friday with a large sign reading "I'm fleeing the USA to get away from the 'American Hitler.'"

Mettin, a massage therapist, says he is picking up and moving from his home on Riverland Road to South America after Tuesday's election result.

"For us, the only thing to do is just to pack our bags and get the hell out of here," Mettin told Local 10.

An American citizen born in Germany, Mettin says he knows what the build up to Hitler looked like and says things look all too familiar for his liking.

"I'm hearing somebody that talks like Hitler, walks like Hitler, acts like Hitler, even behaves like Hitler," said Mettin. "So I'd rather leave and be safe rather than sorry, it's just as simple as that."

Leading up to the final election, many claimed they would move out of the country if Trump was elected, although a majority of those people, including celebrities, are now walking back those statements.

However, the site of the sale and the sign was enough to shock Douglas Esquire into immediately sending a Tweet to Local 10.

Mettin said he is willing to keep the sign up to make some extra money.

"I could probably make a lot of money by changing everybody a dollar of everybody taking a picture in front of that board sign?"