Man sleeps in bedroom as police find fatally stabbed woman in bathroom

Roberto Salabarria-Rodriguez confesses to killing victim, police say

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MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – A 55-year-old man was asleep in his bedroom when people discovered a dead woman on his bathroom floor – her body in a pool of blood, police said.

Roberto Salabarria-Rodriguez was arrested on a second-degree murder charge. After being read his rights, Salabarria-Rodriguez admitted to killing the woman with a knife, police said. 

Miami-Dade County police arrived at  the residence in the 600 block of Southwest 96th Court  at 3:06 a.m. Sunday after getting a call about a man who had beaten a woman.

The caller told police the victim walked into her bedroom and locked the door after getting into an argument with Roberto Salabarria-Rodriguez.

Salabarria-Rodriguez then began knocking on the bedroom door and demanded that the victim open it, a police report said.

He then armed himself with a knife, the report said, and used it to open the bedroom door.

Once inside, Salabarria-Rodriguez attacked the victim, the report said, and began to choke her. At that point, another woman in the room fled the home and called 911 at a neighbor’s house.

When police arrived, the doors of the home were locked and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue personnel had to force their way inside, police said.

That's when officers discovered Salabarria-Rodriguez sleeping in his bed and the victim’s body in the bathroom, police said.