South Florida residents, cities prepare for Supermoon tides

Moon set to be its closest to earth in 69- years

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Monday night’s supermoon will be quite a sight to behold as it’ll be closest the moon has been to Earth in nearly 69 years.

But the closer moon comes with a gravitational pull that’ll bring high tides with it.

Those working at Shooters – a waterfront restaurant along Oakland Park Boulevard and the Intercostal – are preparing for the higher water levels.

"It does pose an inconvenience because of the water, and the rise in it, but we do have a golf cart where we are able to transport our valet parking back and forth," said Peter Lopez, the director of operations at Shooters. 

Residents along the flood-prone area of east Las Olas Boulevard are also disturbed by the rise in water.

"It's frustrating, not only with the tide and moon, but heavy rain. It’s the same thing; the streets flood. If you leave a car on the street, it’s basically totaled if you don't know it’s coming," said Bob Guttag , a Fort Lauderdale resident.   

The city of Fort Lauderdale is doing its part to help ease the high-tide problem.

"We've actually installed over a 116 tidal valve act as a block prevented from coming through the storm drains," said Chaz Adams, who works for the city.  

There are also signs warning drivers to slow down. 

Local experts are warning residents to do what they can to protect their property from the higher water. 

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