MRI technician at Mercy Hospital accused of stealing patient's credit card

Technician denies allegations

MIAMI – When Maria Mercedes Fernandez went in for an MRI at Mercy Hospital, she left her clothes and purse in a private dressing room -- but when the procedure was over, she made a shocking discovery.

"When I was looking for the valet parking ticket, I realized that two of my credit cards were missing,” Fernandez said. "Normally what people do is just cancel the credit cards, but I was very, very upset.

"I felt like my rights and my privacy were violated. He works at Mercy Hospital and he took my credit cards."

Fernandez didn’t wait for police to try to find the person responsible.

When she learned someone had made a charge on her card hours after it was stolen, she called the store manager where the purchase took place. As it turned out, the manager had surveillance video of the alleged thief. He also provided Fernandez with a copy of the fraudulent receipt.

Mercy Hospital’s human resources manager confirmed the man was Bosco Fernandez, a licensed MRI technician who was on duty that morning, according to police.

He’s denying the accusations.

"I guarantee you that I didn't steal anyone's credit card,” Bosco Fernandez said. “I guarantee you that. Someone is trying to set me up for that.”

When pressed with follow-up questions by Local 10 reporter Todd Tongen, Bosco Fernandez said, “I don’t even have her credit card. … That’s probably my credit card.”

It appears Fernandez doesn't have any prior problems with credit card fraud, so Local 10 asked him for proof he paid with his own credit card, but he was unable to give us a valid receipt.

Maria Fernandez said she did some detective work on her own because she didn't want this to happen to anyone else.

"I feel bad for him, to tell you the truth,” Maria Fernandez said. “I think it was stupid what he did, because he has a profession in a prestigious hospital.”
Mercy Hospital released the following statement: “Mercy Hospital makes the safety and security of its patients a top priority. We have procedures in place to ensure the well-being of those in our care. We are aware of the matter and are providing the authorities assistance and information."