Gov. Rick Scott says now is time to change Cuba policy

Scott tells Donald Trump Florida is ready to support democracy in Cuba


MIAMI – After Fidel Castro's death, Gov. Rick Scott said he told President-elect Donald Trump that the State of Florida was ready to help his administration to support a pro-democracy movement in Cuba.

Scott's press office released a statement Saturday saying he joined Cuban-Americans across the country who feel hopeful for the future of Cuba. 

"After decades of oppression, the Cuban people deserve freedom, peace and democracy," Scott said in the statement.

Scott added that he has met many Cubans who have come to Florida to "flee the tyranny, brutality, and communism of the Castro brothers’ oppressive regime" and he said now was the time to look at policy changes.

Unlike President Barack Obama's policy to gradually normalize relations with the island, while encouraging individual entrepreneurship and online access, Scott said the changes should demand democracy in Cuba.

"Today’s news should usher in an era of freedom, peace and human dignity for everyone in Cuba," Scott said.

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