World leaders express their condolences for Fidel Castro


MIAMI – The reaction to the death of Fidel Castro was vastly different than the one the former Cuban dictator received in South Florida.

World leaders took to social media and other platforms to express their sympathy over the death of Castro.

According to ABC News, Russian president Vladimir Putin sent a telegram to Fidel's brother Raul saying "symbol of a whole era of modern world history" saying he was "a wise and strong person" who was "an inspiring example for all countries and peoples" and a "sincere and reliable friend of Russia."

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro first tweeted, ""To all the revolutionaries of the world, we have to continue with his legacy and his flag of independence, of socialism, of homeland."

Salvador Sanchez, the president of El Salvador, also took to Twitter to share his thoughts by saying "With deep pain we receive the news of the death of dear friend and eternal companion, Commander Fidel Castro Ruz...Fidel always lived in the hearts of the people of solidarity who fight for justice, dignity and fraternity...Our condolences and solidarity with the brother government and people of Cuba."

India's prime minister Narendra Modi tweeted:

Ecuador's president Rafael Correa tweeted, "He was a big one. Fidel dead, Long live Cuba! Long live Latin America!