Man flips out before judge, receives additional charges

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ky. – Not knowing when to keep your mouth shut isn't a crime, but it was the reason why one man now finds himself in a deeper pool of hot water.

Faced with four criminal charges, Michael Ray was attending his bond hearing in Jefferson County, Ky. on Friday when his big mouth made things much worse.

When told he was receiving a $25,000 bond, Ray laughed it off.

"You think that's funny," the judge asks Ray.

"I think that's hilarious," Ray answers back.

The judge immediately raised the bond to $50,000 and warned Ray that he was lucky he wasn't going to be hold in contempt.

Upon hearing that, Ray went the nuclear route and threatened the judge.

"I hope I see you on the streets," Ray yelled back while holding up his middle finger.

When told again that he could be held in contempt, Ray responded in vulgar language that he didn't care. Ray then insulted a police officer who warned that he was making things harder on himself.

The judge then sentenced him to 100 days in jail for contempt of court.

Ray became even angrier and threatened the judge once again.

"If I see you outside on the street, I'm going to smack the ____ out of you," Ray told the judge.

The judge had enough and added an additional terroristic threatening charge before Ray was led out of the room.