4 Miami-Dade police officers honored for saving life of heart attack victim

Man thanks officers who helped him at Miami International Airport

Josef Alhale credits the efforts of four Miami-Dade police officers who helped him after he suffered a heart attack at Miami International Airport.

MIAMIFour Miami-Dade police officers are being credited with saving the life of a man who suffered a heart attack at Miami International Airport.

Surveillance video from Oct. 5 shows Josef Alhale fall to the ground while standing in the security line at the airport.

Nearby travelers and four Miami-Dade police officers helped to perform lifesaving efforts.

"I will never forget you," Alhale told the officers Wednesday.

Alhale is out of the hospital, thanks to the use of a heart defibrillator and CPR by the officers who acted within seconds.

"I was basically surrounded by angels that day," Alhale said.

Alhale had a chance to say "thank you" to the four officers, each of whom received a lifesaving award from him.

"I should have been dead, and I'm still here," Alhale said.

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