911 calls released after Sunrise homeowner kills intruder

2 others arrested Monday morning

SUNRISE, Fla. – Police released 911 calls Wednesday, days after a homeowner in Sunrise fatally shot a burglar inside his home.

"I got three black males at my house. Two jumped out. They are getting ready to jump the fence," the 31-year-old homeowner told a dispatcher early Monday.

Police said the homeowner called 911 shortly before 11 a.m., after he saw two men get out of a blue Ford Taurus that was parked in his driveway and jump the gate leading into his backyard.

The victim told police that soon after, he heard his rear sliding glass door shattering.

"They're in the house. No, they're in the house right now," the man whispered to the dispatcher.

The man remained on the phone while he retrieved his shotgun. Seconds later, the homeowner fired at one of the burglars, identified by police as Albert Jones, 21.

"Sir. Are there shots fired? Tell me what is happening, sir," the dispatcher said.

"I killed one, I think," the homeowner said.  

Police said Jones ran back toward the victim's bedroom after the first shot was fired, but turned back toward the victim, who fired his gun a second time, striking Jones in the hip area.

The victim told detectives that he saw Jones reaching for something as he was on the ground, so the victim fired the shotgun a second time, striking Jones again.

Police said the victim's Smith & Wesson handgun was found about three feet from where Jones fell.

The victim told police that he saw a second burglar, who was dressed in all black, run out of his bedroom after he shot Jones for the second time.

"OK, sir. You can put your gun away. The deputies are outside your house," the dispatcher said. "Don't step out yet, but we do need you to put the weapon away. Your house is surrounded."

"Alright, I'm putting my weapon inside my safe," the man said.

Jones, who was conscious and speaking, was taken to Broward Health Medical Center, where he later died.

Police established a perimeter and arrested Curtis Jeffries, 26, and Jose Coleman, 23, who are now facing murder and burglary charges.

"There's a co-defendant in this case who is dead. You are young men. You don't want to end up dead," a Broward County judge told the suspects at a hearing.

The burglary and shooting remain under investigation, but the homeowner is not expected to face charges.

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