Santa Claus raids drug cartel, seizes cocaine wraps

LIMA, PERU – Santa Claus isn't just ignoring the people on his naughty list this year, he's going after them with vengeance.

During a drug raid at a home in Lima, Peru, undercover police, one of whom was dressed as Jolly Old St. Nick, were able to bust the unsuspecting crooks inside.

Video of the raid shows Santa taking a sledgehammer from his sack of toys and smashing down the door of the house.

After entry, Santa's colleagues (not elves) remove guns from the toy sack and surprise the cartel members.

According to the Daily Mail, police found over 4,500 wraps of cocaine paste in the house and arrested four people.

Father Christmas can then be seen leading some of the suspects away; not to his workshop in the North Pole, but to jail.

No reindeer were injured in the drill.