Miami Beach man accused of abusing 81-year-old mother for nearly 8 hours

Woman told police she was afraid to go to sleep when son was in her home

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A Miami Beach man is facing multiple charges after he beat his 81-year-old mother for nearly eight hours, authorities said.

Police said the incident happened Dec. 13 at the victim's home on Chase Avenue.

Jerome Klein, 59, was arrested Tuesday on charges of kidnapping and aggravated battery on someone 65 or older.

According to an arrest report, Klein approached his mother in her bedroom, slapped her across the face and struck her right hand, which required medical attention.

The woman told police she thought her arm was broken.

Detectives said Klein then ordered his mother to go to his cottage, which is in front of the main home where she lives, and forced her to sit in a chair.

Police said Klein told his mother that he would kill her, himself and their dog if she moved.

The woman tried to escape, but Klein would grab her by the neck and force her back down, the report said.

The victim told police that she remained in the seat and her son struck her with closed fists and open hands repeatedly.

Police said she was also not allowed to use the restroom or have food or water.

Detectives said the beating and intimidation lasted for nearly eight hours.

"The incident, according to his mother, stemmed from him demanding his mother to remove his two brothers off the will, at which point she denied it," Miami Beach police Detective Juan Sanchez said. "She said 'no.' He came back later that night (and) battered her."

The victim suffered large bruises on her upper torso and left arm, and had discoloration on her rear arms and back, the report said.

The woman told police that she is afraid to go to sleep while her son is on her property.

Klein made his first court appearance Wednesday, and Miami-Dade County Judge Mindy Glazer excused herself from the case because she said she knows the victim.

"His mother, when we go to temple, she sits at the table with us," Glazer said. "I always invite her to sit with us because she recently lost her husband."

Another judge took over and ordered Klein to remain in jail without bond.

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