3 die after car crashes into lake near Fort Lauderdale

Bodies of 2 victims recovered from water

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – A red Jaguar with four people inside crashed into two fences Monday morning, then plunged into a lake near Fort Lauderdale. 

Keiontae Meyers, 20, was the only one who survived the crash, the Broward Sheriff's Office said. 

Meyers was driving home from a nightclub when his vehicle veered off the road at about 5 a.m. and went into a lake at Northwest 29th Avenue and Northwest 14th Street, according to his friends and family. 

Witnesses said they saw the car speeding down the neighborhood street and that it didn't slow down before the crash. 

Meyers was able to swim out of the car and was helped out of the water by residents who said they heard screams coming from the lake.

"Somebody brought a hose, and she threw it out there to him," a neighbor said. "I grabbed the back of the hose, and the guy grabbed the hose, and we pulled him out. He was so incoherent. He couldn't tell us if there were more people in the car." 

Meyers was then taken to an area hospital for treatment.

"They was just having fun for Christmas," Shajauana Fort, Meyers' mother, said. "(I) never expect to get a call in the mid-hours of the morning about, 'Your son is in the lake. He was in a bad car accident.'" 

Fort said her son was in the car with one of his best friends and two other women. 

Deputies recovered the submerged vehicle later in the morning as a crowd of people gathered to watch. 

As of Monday afternoon, rescue crews had recovered the bodies two of the three victims of the crash. The two recovered were identified as Jasmine Davis, 23, and Jarvis Mosley, 21. The third victim, Lucienne Pierre, 26, is presumed dead.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.