MDX to refund toll money to S. Fla. drivers


MIAMI – Miami-Dade drivers may soon feel like they're in Bizarro World when the tolls actually start handing over cash back to them.

You heard right, MDX expressways has started a Cash Back Toll Dividend Program that will offer refund checks to over 54,000 families and businesses.

The program takes the money accumulated by tolls that goes over what the agency needs to meet their financial obligations.

MDX says it will refund all the money not utilized by the agency for construction, operations or maintenance.

To qualify, drivers must have an active SunPass account and spend at least $100 a year on MDX tolls on the following expressways:

  • SR 112 / Airport Expressway
  • SR 836 / Dolphin Expressway
  • SR 874 / Don Shula Expressway
  • SR 878 / Snapper Creek Expressway
  • SR 924 / Gratigny Parkway

Unfortunately, any tolls paid on Florida's Turnpike, I-95 Express Lanes or the Palmetto Expressway do not qualify as they are not MDX expressways.

CLICK HERE to register for the Cash Back Toll Dividend Program between Jan. 11 through March.