World about to end according to 500-year-old prophecy


PLANET EARTH – Cue up R.E.M. because it appears that it is the end of the world as we know it.


The 500-year-old prophecy by the man they call the Italian Nostradamus appears to be coming to fruition.

The New York Post reports that the Armageddon prediction made by philosopher Matteo Tafuri half a millennium ago could be right around the corner.

Tafuri claimed that two straight days of snow in the small Italian resort town of Salento would mark the end of the world. 

Done. Finished. Sayonara.

In his own words, Tafuri said "Salento of palm trees and mild south wind, snowy Salento but never after the touch."

“Two days of snow, two flashes in the sky, I know the world ends, but I do not yearn.”

Well, snow has begun falling in the southern, milder parts of Italy near Salento, freaking people out that Tafuri's prophecy is about to come true.

So get out those umbrellas, fire may soon be falling from the sky.