Restaurant gives customer 'Seen Rat' discount


FOLSOM, Calif. – How much is it worth to see a rat while eating at a restaurant, and keep on eating?

Management at one restaurant apparently believes that cost is $30.95.

When a hungry diner at Fat's Asian Bistro in Folsom, Calif. had a rat run over her feet at the table, she complained to her server.

According to WTEN, the unnamed customer was waiting for a manager to come to the table to apologize, but no one showed up.

Instead, the server returned and asked if anyone was interested in dessert, and then handed over the check with a surprise

Listed on the check was a "Seen Rat" discount of $30.95. No comp, no free meal. Nothing.

Apparently, the price of having a rat run across your feet at the dinner table is nothing more than a few ten-spots and change.

The television station reports that the restaurant owners are hoping to contact the unhappy customer and offer her more than just the rodent reduction.