South Florida rapper busted for gun, drugs while illegally parked in handicapped spot

Stitches found with handgun, marijuana in Porsche outside Whole Foods, cops say

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – South Florida rapper Stitches was arrested after police found a gun and drugs in his car when he was stopped for parking in a handicapped spot, according to an arrest report.

Phillip Katsabanis, whose stage name is Stitches, was stopped Wednesday after his Porsche was seen in a handicapped space without a permit outside a Whole Foods supermarket in Miami Beach.

A Miami Beach police officer found a 9 mm Glock handgun inside the vehicle after Katsabanis denied having any firearms. Police also found a jar of marijuana in the car.

Katsabanis willingly handed over a "rolled up, slightly burnt" joint he had in his possession.

The rapper apologized for not disclosing the guns, believing police had asked him if he had a gun on him, not in his car. Katsabanis told police he carries a gun for protection.

Katsabanis was charged with having a concealed firearm along with two additional drug charges.

As Stitches, Katsabanis released his first album, titled "For Drug Dealers Only," in 2015.