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Florida sheriff not fond of new Tostito's Breathalyzer bags

Pasco County Sheriff's Office takes to Twitter to condemn 'party safe' bags

The new Tostitos "party safe" bags detect alcohol on a person's breath.
The new Tostitos "party safe" bags detect alcohol on a person's breath. (Adweek)

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – A Florida law enforcement agency isn't fond of a chipmaker's new snack bag that acts as a Breathalyzer.

Tostitos is partnering with Uber and Mothers Against Drunk Driving to encourage responsible drinking on Super Bowl Sunday. That's the reason behind its "party safe" bags that can tell when someone has had too much to drink.

Apparently, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office doesn't think too highly of it. The agency's official Twitter account condemned the idea in a post Friday morning.

"Just saying…if blowing into a Tostitos bag seems like a good idea, you should already know you shouldn't be driving. Deal?" the post read.

The next post used a role-playing scenario to illustrate the dangers of drinking and driving.

If the bag detects alcohol on someone's breath, a red light will flash below the Tostitos logo, along with the message, "Don't drink and drive." If the bag flashes red, it will also display a $10 Uber discount code to help get the person home.

It will flash green if no alcohol is detected.

But the Pasco County Sheriff's Office has a better idea.

Frito-Lay plans to give away 25,000 $10 Uber discounts to those who purchase Tostitos chips between now and the Super Bowl.

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