Isle Casino accused of overcharging customers playing automated craps machine

Lawsuit filed against Pompano Beach casino

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – A class-action lawsuit recently filed against the Isle Casino on Powerline Road in Pompano Beach claims they have been overcharging some customers.

The game table is still on the floor inside the Isle Casino, but a sign on it reads "Sorry for the inconvenience, craps is temporarily out of service."

"We deserve our money back. They ripped us off," Isle Casino Fan Club member James Scott said.

The lawsuit, in which Scott is named as a plaintiff, claims that the overcharging has been going on since 2012, when the machine was put in at the casino.

File: Isle of Capri Lawsuit

"We did test bets. We recorded it and noticed on every buy bet, the casino was taking more than they should have," attorney Daren Stabinski said.

"In some cases, it was doubling what it was supposed to take," attorney Christina Pierson added.

The machine, called "Organic Dice," is supposed to take 5 percent on the bet as a commission.

"For the 4 and 10, they were taking 10 percent. They were charging the percentage off the winnings rather than the bet itself," Stabinski said.

The suit says players are entitled to compensation for being overcharged.

Interblock USA, the manufacturer of the game, is also named as a defendant in the suit.

Pierson said other casinos that use the same machine don't overcharge.

The class in the lawsuit would be made up of the casino's Fan Club members.

"We know who the fan club members are. There are stats to show when they played and how much they played," Pierson said.

Pierson said the casino is responsible for knowing how its games are working.

"You don't think that the rules would be broken, that they would be taking more than they should out of your betting," Scott said.

"Casinos are based on trust. It's hard to believe a casino would allow this to happen," Stabinski said.

Jill Alexander, a spokeswoman for Isle of Capri Inc., had no comment on the pending litigation.