Key Largo restaurant employee uses customer's credit card to order pizza, deputies say

Michele Moser, 39, arrested on fraud charges

KEY LARGO, Fla. – A Key Largo woman was arrested Monday after she ordered a pizza with the credit card of a customer from whom she took an order at the Chinese restaurant where she works, authorities said.

Monroe County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Becky Herrin said Michele Moser, 39, works at the Chan Garden Restaurant in Key Largo which takes online orders.

She said Moser took an order from the victim and the victim discovered soon after that someone had used her credit card to order pizza at a Domino's.

The victim contacted the Domino's Pizza and employees gave her the address to where the pizza was delivered, which was Moser's home on La Paloma Road, Herrin said.

Herrin said the manager of the Chan Garden Restaurant showed a deputy video of the transaction where the victim called in to make an order.

Authorities said the video shows Moser taking the order.

Herrin said customers' credit card information is routinely printed out from a printer under the register and employees are supposed to use a black marker to cover all credit card information after the transaction is processed.

But Moser was captured on camera taking a picture of the victim's credit card information, Herrin said.

An arrest warrant was obtained for Moser, who was arrested Monday on charges of fraudulent use of a credit card and use or possession of another person's identification without their consent.

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