Hundreds protest in Homestead on Day Without Immigrants

Immigrants throughout country, South Florida boycott school, work

HOMESTEAD, Fla. – Hundreds of U.S.-born citizens and immigrants marched through the streets of Homestead on Thursday as part of a nationwide Day Without Immigrants march in protest of President Donald Trump's immigration policies.

Immigrants boycotted school and work throughout the nation and in South Florida to take part in the march.

"This country represents, and always has, a beacon that people are drawn to for safety, for the ability to get ahead, to keep their family with them (and to) work hard," protester Jane Johnson said.

The march ended at City Hall, where demonstrators rallied for policy change regarding immigration. Many argue that it's become nearly impossible for immigrants to come to the U.S. legally.

Several businesses in the area closed for the day.

One protester said that without immigrants, the U.S. economy would suffer.

"We do many jobs that other people don't want to do, so why do you want to kick us out?" Catalina Perez said.

Protesters were expected to attend a special commission meeting Friday morning in downtown Miami, where commissioners will consider matters related to the county's controversial policies regarding immigration detainee requests from federal authorities.

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