Wasserman Schultz: National Guard mobilization 'smacks of brown shirts'

Former DNC chair says she'll fight to prevent having people's rights trampled


SUNRISE, Fla. – U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz, D-Fla., compared a proposed mobilization of National Guard troops for rounding-up unauthorized immigrants to tactics once used in Nazi Germany.

Wasserman Shultz spoke Friday morning, just after The Associated Press reported the Trump administration is considering a proposal to use up to 100,000 Guard troops for immigration enforcement.

"That smacks of brown shirts that were the most terrorizing force during the Nazi regime, and I don't use that term lightly," Wasserman Shultz told Local 10 News.

Speaking at a seniors event in Sunrise, the former Democratic National Committee chair expressed dismay that the proposal is even being considered.

"That this is a memo that even could have been drafted and circulated as a possibility is un-American, is outrageous and is nothing like the America that I know," said Wasserman Shultz.

"Yes, we need to deal with the infusion of undocumented immigrants," added the former DNC chair. "We need to pass comprehensive immigration reform, and we need to deal the issue of undocumented immigration in a humane way that comports with the law and our Constitution."

Wasserman Shultz promised to fight the proposal if it moves forward.

“To have people all over this country live in fear every single day, of simply existing in the United States of America and having their rights trampled upon like that is something that I will fight until I drop to prevent," she said.