Greedy alligator steals fish from little boy

(Bass Masters and Fish Experts / Facebook)

A little boy has learned the hard way that what Mother Nature giveth, she can easily taketh away.

Video the boy named Connor watching his big catch get stolen by a lurking alligator has been seen over 10 million times.

The video was posted to the Bass Masters and Fish Experts Facebook page.

Connor is seen fishing off a pier with two men. While Connor attempts to reel in the big fish, one of the men alerts him of an alligator swimming towards his catch.

And just as quickly as it started, the alligator put an end to the fun by swimming away with Connor's catch in his jaws.


OMG!!!! via Newsflare Conor the 11 year old boy, fishing off of dock on Johns Island, South Carolina has hooked the catch of his life but he is playing beat the clock trying to reel it in while his dad is videoing it.

Posted by Bass Masters And Fish Experts on Thursday, February 23, 2017